Feed mill equipment


Hammer mills

Hammer mills with a capacity of 10 – 100 tons per hour, depending on the type of the raw material, formula and degree of grinding. Can be installed in a pre-crushing or post-crushing system as a complete solution including a pre-hopper, feeder, magnetic cleaner, hammer mill, discharge hopper, aspiration filter, fan and control system.


Mixers for the capacities from 300 to 16,000 l., as a batch mixer for the feed production process for premixing components or as a main batch mixer.
Емкость длительного удержания (Кондиционер)

Long-term conditioner (hygienizer)

Capacities of a long-term conditioner

⦁ Productivity within 17.5 – 70 m3 / h.

⦁ Retention time is up to 4 minutes.

⦁ Constant temperature is up to 90 ° C.

⦁ Guaranteed first-in-first-out sequence.

⦁ Suitable for a heat treatment of the feed mixture

⦁ Individual variable frequency drive of the feeding device of the pellet mill

⦁ Very low energy consumption (about 1 kW / t).


Bunkers can be equipped with explosion arresters, sensors, hammers.

Ковшовые нории

Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators are designed for the vertical transport of a wide range of products of various bulk densities used in feed and premix production. Bucket elevators have the most modern and advanced features for a maximum efficiency, functionality and ease of operation.

Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are used for horizontal and inclined transport of various products. The maximum tilt angle is 15 degrees.
Цепные транспортеры
Шнековый конвейер

Screw conveyor

In the production process, the screw conveyor can be used as a transport auger or a metering auger.

Diverter valves

Diverter valves are designed to direct, non-sticky bulk granular products by gravity flowing. They can be used to change the direction of the product flow.
Перекидные клапаны

Gate valves

Gate valves for closing and opening the inlets and outlets of various machines and bunkers. Valves are designed for the installation in larger units and are available in several types, sizes and designs


Scada, visualization, graphics, recipe handling are integrated in one user interface.

All data for all machines is available from the visualization.

All equipment can operate in manual or automatic mode.