Scada, visualization, graphics, recipe handling are integrated in one user interface

All data for all the machines are available from the visualization

All equipment can work in manual or automatic mode

Total operating time for all the equipment, number of alarms, total time of alarms, history of alarms, manual control is recorded and can be used for maintenance purposes

Automatic shutdown of idle lines / machines (energy saving)

Equipment settings can be changed during operation. All changes are saved in the chronology

Graphs provide valuable information about the manufacturing process and can be consulted at any time. An unlimited number of different signals can be seen at the same time. Chronological signals are fully included in the portion registration. You can see the exact progress of each batch or the current of the hammer mill in the batch directly from the batch record

The status bar always contains the latest active “troubles”. Details can be found in the “alarm” menu. This menu provides information about the current as well as the past “accidents”, which may be useful to your technical staff.

Regular exchange of the information between PCs, constant updating of the database and therefore minimal data loss in case of malfunctions

Automatic saving of the information in the event of a longer power outage

Verification of material codes at different stages of the process

Store production information, including batch handling. This information can be used to track and trace

Standard reports include:

  • List of recipes with materials and settings for crushing, mixing and granulating lines
  • List of materials
  • All balance settings
  • Silo data
  • Supplier data
  • (Estimated) inventory reports
  • Chronological reports
  • Portions served over a specific period (including recipe settings)
  • Consumption of materials for a certain period
  • Recipe options with formula and / or settings
  • Accidents
  • Actions at the appointment
  • Transport from silo to silo at the reception
  • Article / recipe management