Chain conveyors

Цепные транспортеры

Chain conveyors are used for horizontal and inclined transport of various products. The maximum tilt angle is 15 degrees.

Chain conveyors with six different capacities ranging from 20 to 500 m3 / h. The standard speed of all chain conveyors is 0.5 m / s (type 600: 0.6 m / s). A distinctive feature of the chain conveyors is the intermediate bottom, which ensures the transportation of the product in two directions

• The conveyor consists of a drive housing, connecting elements and a tension section housing
• All parts are made of steel
• Drive and take-up bodies have a gear wheel with replaceable manganese cams (segments)
• Drive housing has a flat anti-contamination bottom to prevent contamination in the corners
• The back-up safety device is located in the drive housing above the outlet
• The tension of the chain can be adjusted by the tensioning device on the body of the tensioner
• Connecting elements are of a standard length of 3 meters
The chain conveyor is a completely blind construction. A small additional dust filter can be added above the conveyor.