International experience, innovative solutions

Perspective and challenging tasks for the agro-industrial complex on the whole


Execution of all stages of the project, passing the inspection, field supervision

Equipment Supply
and Service

Supply of processing equipment from leading European and Ukrainian manufacturers

Installation of technological equipment

Qualified installation by experienced technicians, Training and service



  • Elevator equipment
  • Feed-milling equipment
  • Granulation Equipment
  • Equipment for microdosing, production of premixes


  • Design
  • Installation of technological equipment
  • Manufacturing and installation of metal structures
  • Service


A key link in your feed chain

The importance of feed and feed production for the country’s agricultural economy is exceptional, because the current state and revival of animal husbandry depends on the efficiency of production, safety…

Reliable machines and excellent quality guarantee

When your plant is up and running, it should be efficient and profitable! Regular maintenance, reliable service, on-time responsiveness and spare parts availability are crucial when it comes to reducing costs, reducing downtime, generating revenue and therefore overall operational performance.