Diverter valves

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Diverter valves are designed to direct non-sticky bulk granular products by gravity flowing. They can be used to change the direction of the product flow. Flap valves are designed for the installation in larger assemblies and are available in several types, sizes and designs :
• Angle of the diverter valve between outlets 80 ° – pneumatic actuator electric actuator (starter)
• Angle of the diverter valve between the outlets 40 ° -pneumatic actuator electric actuator (starter)
• 3-way diverter valve with an angle of 40 ° / 80 ° between outlets – pneumatic actuator electric actuator (starter)
• Description
• Reliable, robust design
• Manufactured in steel or optionally in SS304 stainless steel
• Pneumatic or electric drive
• May be of various sizes
• Modular design optimizes assembly / disassembly times
• Flange connections for strong bolting
• Low noise level