Features of the single-shaft mixer
• Designed for the capacities from 300 to 10,000 liters, as a batch mixer for the feed production process for premixing ingredients or as a main batch mixer
Features of the Twin-Shaft Mixer
• Designed for the capacities from 2.000 to 16.000 liters as a batch mixer for the feed production process.

• Exceptional hygiene due to its rounded shape
• Significant increase of the production process efficiency by reducing the total batch preparation time
• Density and high mixing speed improve the mixing performance and efficiency
• The filling degree can vary from 30% to 110% of the nominal capacity. Designed in the full compliance with the latest requirements and standards for homogeneity, hygiene and safety
• Homogeneity: CV <5% at a ratio of 1: 100,000 in 3 minutes
Molasses mixer
• For mixing liquids, such as molasses, depending on the performance, they are divided into single, double and triple modifications
• Molasses mixers are continuous mixers that are capable of mixing up to 10% of molasses and creating a homogeneous product without any lumps
• This setting is ideal for high production rates with short retention times