Pellet spraying with oils and liquids

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Continuous pellet sprayer is designed to inject liquid components into finished pellets. It adds fats and soluble additives (enzymes and probiotics) to cold feed pellets. The spraying process plays an increasingly important role in the efficient production of the animal feed, allowing to:

  • Increase the energy value of pellets due to a higher level of liquid components introduction
  • Introduce temperature-sensitive components
  • Retain the benefits of pellets and prevent crumbling and reduce dust formation

Important advantages of the continuous pellet spray:

• Precise dosing and even distribution in the feed

• Simultaneous injection of liquids and grain

• Suitable for injections up to 5% fat

• Dosing of enzymes (optional)

• Allows injecting up to 4 fluids in total

• Grain input up to 20% (optional)


• Full stainless steel construction
• Inlet after pelletizing (for cold pellets) under the weighing auger
• Distribution and spreading of fat according to the mixing principle
• Electric case heating with temperature monitoring
• Fully insulated
• Removable hatches on top for cleaning and inspection
• Automatic nozzle purge function to prevent dripping
• Easily removable nozzles
• Activation of spray points at correct fluid pressure with variable product flow
• Sensor – fluid pressure with a display on the spray
• Installed on load cells for optimum fill rate, from which the optimum holding time is determined
• Drive with a frequency controller