Granulation equipment

Паровой смеситель над гранулятором

Steam mixer above the pellet mill

The steam mixer is equipped with adjustable and replaceable wear-resistant paddles, a steam injection port, a hinged door and a door switch. The steam mixer includes a steam inlet block.

Pellet mills

Compact pellet mills with a capacity of up to 60 tons per hour, depending on the product to be granulated and the required granule size.
Противоточный охладитель

Counterflow cooler

  • Available in 6 types from 5 to 40 t / h in both single and double versions.
  • Ultrasonic measurement of the layer thickness.
  • Continuous discharge of pellets to optimize the cooling process.
  • Minor maintenance.


The shredder has a separately driven metering roller, which ensures a uniform flow of the product into the plant and the optimum utilization of its capacity.

The fineness of the final product can be changed by adjusting the gap between the grinder rollers


Screeners (Sewing Machine)

  • Screening capacity ranges from 5-40 t / h. Even higher performance and larger sizes can be offered upon request
  • The Vаn Ааrsen screener is especially good for sifting granules and grains
  • Designed for separating fine fraction and pieces from granules, 3.2-6 mm, and grains, 1.5-2.5 mm

Pellet spraying with oils and liquids

Continuous pellet sprayer is designed to add liquid components to finished pellets. It adds fats and soluble additives (enzymes and probiotics) to cold feed pellets. Spraying plays an increasingly important role in the efficient production of the animal feed.
Напыление гранулы маслом и жидкостями