Counterflow cooler

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Features of the Counterflow Cooler
• Available in 6 types from 1.5 to 40 t / h in both single and double versions
• Ultrasonic measurement of layer thickness
• Continuous discharge of pellets to optimize the cooling process
• Minor maintenance
• Patented unloading mechanism does not destroy the product, does not dry out and ensures a steady unloading
• Excellent hygienic properties thanks to patented emptying mechanism ensuring complete emptying
• Automatic airflow control
• Standard connection for filtered outdoor air
• Low air volume consumption and therefore low energy consumption
• Double cooler for fast product changes and a uniform layer thickness
• Cooler column and a hood are made of stainless steel
• Frequency controller
• Designed to the latest hygiene and safety standards
• Octagonal design to avoid dead corners and cross-contamination
• Hydraulic unloading mechanisms
• Single and double cooler with one or two identical discharge grates
• Possible different column heights depending on the product and its diameter
Design solutions
• Rotating pellet dispenser at the cooler inlet ensures a product distribution over the entire cooler surface
• Flap valve at the cooler inlet (when the grease is applied to hot granules) to maintain the retention time, which improves absorption and eliminates the need to clean the cyclone and filter, reducing odor and dust
• Light bulb in cooler
• Discharge hopper with a connecting flange for the shredder or unloading transport