Elevator equipment


Flat bottom silos

Flat bottom silo (FP series) is used for storing cereals with a maximum bulk density of 0.85 t / m3; is installed on a concrete foundation where ventilation ducts can be designed

Conical silos

Conical Bottom Silos (TM Series) are used in silos that require complete emptying of silos without the use of mechanical devices or operator intervention.


Silos with fast loading

Fast loading silos (CR series) are used to load vehicles such as trucks and trains.


DRY-MX series dryers are used to dry grain and oilseeds in order to improve their storage and preservation quality.

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The grain and granular sampling unit is designed to collect a homogeneous sample from each batch, which can be examined quickly and with high reliability.

Suction pit aspiration

The inlet filters CA – F are used to extract and filter dust generated during the reception of cereals.

They are installed directly on the cover grid of the receiving pit in a lateral position so as not to restrict the use of the pit.

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Air cleaning

PA air cleaners are used in the pre-cleaning stage to separate grains from low specific gravity impurities such as straw, empty grains, light seeds and dust

Drum cleaners

Drum cleaners PT are used in the pre-cleaning stage to separate the heaviest impurities from grain.
Manufactured in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, supplied in accordance with Directive 94/9 / EC.


Grain coolers

The Dry MX cooler ensures the natural preservation of cereals and prevents overheating and acidification. Products can be stored at high humidity, weight and organoleptic characteristics remain stable.

Sweep screws

SRC and SRA rotating screws are used to empty the residual cone in the interior of flat bottom silos.

Transport equipment