Mixer MultiPreMix

Смеситель мультипремикс

The MultiPreMix range of paddle mixers have been developed for mixing micro and small components and other additives and liquids into a premix / pharmaceutical mixture in the feed industry, as well as for mixing special feeds from materials with different characteristics into a homogeneous mixture in a short time.
Features of the MultiPreMix mixer
• Designed for capacities from 1,000 to 4,000 liters. for mixing premix or pharmaceutical components into a homogeneous mixture
• Exceptional hygiene due to its rounded shape and full opening of the mixer outlet to the bottom plates
• Significant increase in the efficiency of the production process by reducing the total time for preparing a portion
• Compactness and high mixing speed improve mixing performance and efficiency
• The filling degree can vary from 30% to 110% of the nominal capacity. Designed in full compliance with the latest requirements and standards for homogeneity, hygiene and safety

• Homogeneity: CV <5% at a ratio of 1: 100,000 in 3 minutes
• Round shape with a length-to-diameter ratio of approximately 1: 1
• No dead corners and minimal contamination
• Made of stainless steel
• Nominal filling 70% of the mixer volume, so it can be overfilled to mix the entire batch
• The bottom is a bomb hatch that completely opens the bottom of the MultiPreMix to minimize contamination
• X-shaped seal for cleaning and closing (adjustable)
• Double seal on the shaft
• Bomboluk with hydraulic drive, hydraulic unit included
• A blocking device is built into the bomb bay
• The opening angle of the large bomb bay is 90 degrees
• Adjustable and interchangeable paddles
• Steel-on-steel seal prevents leakage
• Start at full load
• Multiple liquid additives can be added
• Large access door for cleaning purposes
• Maintenance-free drive by means of a shrink disc fixed on a solid shaft
• Compliance with CE safety standards