1. Pre-design work:

The pre-design work may include a different amount of documentation and calculations:
  • Development of options for technological schemes
  • Placement of location options on the master plan
  • Selection of technological equipment
  • Preparation of a task for engineering-geological and geodetic surveys
  • Urban planning
  • Calculation of resource requirements. Water supply, sewerage, gas supply, energy consumption, steam, compressed air, etc.
  • Filling out questionnaires for obtaining technical specifications
  • Preparation of a design assignment
  • Calculation of technical and economic indicators for the object
  • Calculation of the category of complexity of the object (CC1, CC2, CC3)

2. Design as well as working documentation or working project.

  • GEN – general explanatory note
  • MP – Master Plan and Transport
  • AR – Architectural and construction solutions
  • CS – Reinforced concrete structures
  • MS – Metal structures
  • TS – Technological solutions
  • WS – Water supply and sewerage
  • HV – Heating and ventilation
  • TM – Thermal mechanical solutions
  • EE – Electric lighting indoor, outdoor
  • PE – Power electrical equipment
  • ATP – Automation of technological processes
  • LP – Lightning protection
  • GPC – Grounding and potential comparison
  • CMP – Construction Management Project
  • ED – Estimated documentation
  • Calculation of time for evacuation from premises
  • Identification of an object of increased danger, a potentially dangerous object
  • Identification of an object of increased danger
  • Civil defense engineering and technical measures
  • Assessment of environmental impacts
  • Calculation of the category of complexity
  • Fire alarm and evacuation in case of fire
  • Automatic fire alarm
  • Systems for early detection of the threat of emergencies and warning the population
  • Exhaust
The composition of the design documentation is specified by DBN and the design assignment